July 2014 Athletes

Athlete Spotlight / August 5, 2014 / 0 comments

by Coach Jan

If there were ever a one-two punch, dynamic-duo, Batman-Superman combination of CrossFit enthusiasts, Charlene and Rox would be that combo. Members since the beginning of CrossFit 5 Triple 9′s existence, Charlene and Rox are a joy to coach, and an extremely motivating presence to all types of athletes. On one end of the spectrum, Charlene shows the world why motherhood is no excuse to not be a bad-ass, and at just 17 years of age, Rox shows teenage girls that strong, fit, and healthy is beautiful. Meet your July 2014 athletes of the month!






Full Name/ Any Nicknames: Charlene Con

Hometown: Willemstad, Curacao

Birthday: February 21, 1974

Occupation: Flight Attendant

Hobbies/ Interests: Dancing, Swimming

Favorite WOD/ Exercise: Deadlift

Least Favorite WOD/ Exercise: Power Snatch

Sports Outside CrossFit: Jogging, Mountain Biking


CF5999: What has happened to your health, fitness, and life since starting CrossFit?

Charlene: Since I started CrossFit, I lost 10 pounds and I feel much better about myself and my body. In the past i used to go to the gym, aqua, jogging and spinning. CrossFit is a combination of all these elements and becomes a fun and familiar work out for me. Now I am more conscious of my body and what it needs to stay healthy and CrossFit is now a part of my daily routine.


CF5999: Were any changes unexpected?

Charlene: After my CrossFit intro I said that I’m never doing it again. I thought it was too hard for me. Slowly I started to enjoy CrossFit more than any of the sports I have ever attended. It surprised me how addicted I got to the results CrossFit was giving me and how I was improving my self one step at a time, but also how much fun I was having with my daughter. Now all we do is talk about CrossFit, it really brought us closer together.


CF5999: Favorite CrossFit 5 Triple 9 moment.

Charlene: My favorite CrossFit 5 Triple 9 moment was when I did my first toes to bar. I realized that with patience, dedication and hard work anything is possible because I never thought that I could be able to do that. I am very thankful of my coaches, who helped me with patience and explained the exercise over and over to bring out the best in me and my fellow athlete Sarah Griffith, who always encourages me to do better and push harder.


CF5999: Any advice for new CrossFitters?

Charlene: My advice is to not let CrossFit scare you. Especially not in your first days.



Full Name/ Any Nicknames: Roxanne Nethanya Leonie Radermacher/ Rox

The Next Lauren Fisher (from Coach Jan)

Hometown: Willemstad, Curacao

Birthday: May 3, 1997

Occupation: Pre-university secondary education

Hobbies/ Interests: Reading, Philosophy

Favorite WOD/ Exercise: Deadlift

Least Favorite WOD/ Exercise: Wall ball, Rowing

Sports Outside CrossFit: Cycling


CF5999: What has happened to your health, fitness, and life since starting CrossFit?

Rox: Since I started CrossFit my life changed completely, I started eating healthier than I did before and that’s something I never thought I would do. CrossFit quickly became a part of my life, I always wonder what the next work out is going to be, and I am always excited to train hard the next day again.


CF5999: Were any changes unexpected?

Rox: Yes, definitely! At first I thought that CrossFit was only going to change my fitness but I was wrong! I never expected that CrossFit could change the way I think. Before CrossFit I gave up on sports and fitness quickly because I didn’t see results right away and I didn’t enjoy it. I loved CrossFit right away, I love the variety of the workouts,  CrossFit taught me to be patient, positive and to work hard, when I started seeing results I was encouraged to eat healthier and to work harder towards my goals.


CF5999: Favorite CrossFit 5 Triple 9 moment.

Rox: When I started CrossFit in January, I paid attention to a lot of  athletes and especially Sarah Griffith, I admired her hard work, I thought I wanna be like her, I don’t want to be afraid to put weights on my barbell just because I’m a girl. After a month or so I did my first RX, I left the box proud of myself and that was my favorite CrossFit 5 Triple 9 moment so far.


CF5999: Any advice for new CrossFitters?

Rox: It will hurt, it requires dedication,  you’ll need to start making healthy choices and sacrifices, push your body to the limit, BE PATIENT, work hard, be consistent, and always stay positive.



A “Thank You” goes to Charlene and Rox for being so AWESOME!

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