June 2014 Athletes

Athlete Spotlight / July 16, 2014 / 4 comments

by Coach Jan


CrossFit 5 Triple 9 family! Each month now, we will be highlighting a couple of our athletes that have displayed exceptional efforts inside and outside the box. (Does NOT necessarily have to be one male and one female.) Enjoy!




Ben Power


Ben was one of our very first members and has been a spectacular ambassador for the gym since he walked in, participating in almost every social event we sanctioned, and being a great presence wherever he was. Without ever being asked, during his INTRO he offered his help to paint the gym, set up the pullup rig, and anything else we might have needed of him. In class, his constant display of hard work, good technique, and integrity have rubbed off on the coaches and other members. Ben unfortunately left us for the Bahamas, where he is moving on up in the world! Stay awesome, Ben!


Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii/ Oxford, Mississippi

Birthday: June 8, 1976

Occupation: Special Ed. Teacher, Basketball Coach

Hobbies/Interests: Good music, great food, better friends!

Favorite WOD/ Exercise: Any thruster-burpee combo!

Least Favorite WOD/ Exercise: BEAR CRAWLS.

Sports Outside CrossFit: Basketball, American Football


CF5999: What has happened to your health, fitness, and life since starting CrossFit?

Ben: Complete change for the better, I have never felt better.


CF5999: Were any changes unexpected?

BenNo. This is exactly what I thought I would get out of CrossFit. Surrounding myself with great people wanting to better themselves. It is very addicting.


CF5999: Favorite CrossFit 5 Triple 9 moment.

Ben: Helping the newer athletes when needed and seeing their confidence grow with every successive workout.


CF5999: Any advice for new CrossFitters?

Ben: EMBRACE THE SUCK. Attack what you aren’t good at, get uncomfortable, get better.




Monica B. Woodford


“Tough Mother” (A play on the term “Tough Mudder”, the name of an obstacle course), as we have come to know her, Monica became a member a little more recently, but has jumped right into the spotlight with her amazing effort, mostly OUTSIDE the box. Monica began using her Wodify Nutrition Journal along with Coach Jan to hone in on her eating habits. Since then, she has began eating a more “paleo” style diet, and as you can see, her true athletic potential is shining through the six abs displayed under her shirt! Monica has a very unique presence in class, and on occasion you can hear a “war-cry” of sorts when the workout is getting tough. Her daughter, Isabel is a delight when she hangs out to watch her mother WOD out, and usually assists Coach Jan with the post-WOD stretch. (Cue the cute “aww”.) Monica’s goal now is to put on some lean muscle mass and become a BEAST!


Hometown: Saarbruecken, Germany

Birthday: July 17, 1979

Occupation: Sales and Marketing Manager

Hobbies/ Interests: Running, reading, dancing, and motherhood!

Favorite WOD/ Exercise: Barbell Snatches, Box Jumps

Least Favorite WOD/ Exercise: Kettlebell Snatches

Sports Outside CrossFit: Running. Completed Miami Half Marathon.


CF5999: What has happened to your health, fitness, and life since starting CrossFit?

Monica: My body changed completely, more muscle definition, I feel lighter, and I have more energy throughout the day. My meals, as well as my daughter’s, have become more clean and nutritious.


CF5999: Were any changes unexpected?

Monica: Only that I have become a lot more conscious about food and eating clean. I thought I was already super healthy, but with CrossFit and a paleo lifestyle, I found a way to eat different, healthy, and more wholesome.


CF5999: Favorite CrossFit 5 Triple 9 moment:

Monica: The first time I killed a WOD! (Side note: I remember this. Monica was in class with Perry, one of our “Beasts”, and she finished ahead of him. Although it was Perry’s return to the box after a month in Miami, it’s still a pretty big accomplishment. When done right, competition between members really makes me happy to watch. Nice job Tough Mother!)


CF5999: Any advice for new CrossFitters?

Monica: Start SLOW, stick with it and don’t give up. Eat clean in combination and you will see great results you probably have never seen before. (Insert smiley face.)


Thank you Ben and Monica!


Team 5 Triple 9, is on the lookout for July’s athlete spotlight.

Stay tuned!

  • Sander Keulen

    Great article..! Thanks Ben for helping me out when I first started.

  • http://www.5triple9.com/ Ivan5999

    Two Thumbs Up!

  • Roger

    Recuerdo a Ben como un atleta que te apoya hasta que termines con tus ejercicios. Grande Ben!!

  • Roger

    Monica es un atleta muy competitiva, si te enfrentas a ella en cualquier WOD y decides respirar pierdes.