Newsletter: April 2016

Blog / April 3, 2016 / 0 comments

5 Triple 9 Family,


In an effort to keep the community well informed and stay organized, we are pleased to introduce the first monthly newsletter!


In this monthly blog post you can expect us to deliver any schedule changes, upcoming holidays, gym closures, announcements, etcetera. This is also our chance to bring back the “Athlete of the Month” honors, something that we have missed for quite some time now. This will be linked in the community Facebook page, along with being sent to your emails. Please refer back to the link provided if you need to check again.


I’ll cut right to the chase and present you this month’s big announcements!




-Wednesday April 27: King’s Day. Modified schedule to include 10am class, 11am, and 12pm open gym.


-Monday May 2: Labor Day. Modified schedule to include 9am open gym.




Just a word for everyone who participated in the open this year. As a whole the coaching staff is nothing but proud of you all for stepping it up this year. The majority of the top-ranked athletes, including the number 1 fittest male and female in Curaçao come from our box and we couldn’t be more ecstatic. Give yourselves a pat on the back, and keep developing so next year we can maintain our title as “FITTEST BOX IN CURAÇAO”!




As mentioned previously, we will be strictly enforcing the class maximum from now on. This is an effort to preserve class quality for all of the members. Please, if you are on the waiting list, understand that you are at risk of not being able to attend class. Furthermore, if you are not able to attend class, please cancel promptly so that someone may take your place. To mitigate any problems caused by class limits, we have implemented a new schedule and removed the early advanced classes so that we can spread out attendance as much as possible. Also, we will increase the class limit to 16. Ultimately, please understand that if you are not allowed to attend class this is not a personal attack on you, this is simply our team trying to uphold the standard of quality that we have worked so hard to build. We are doing everything in our power right now to make it so that everyone will be unaffected, but that is unrealistic.


Any questions, comments or concerns please contact one of your coaches directly.