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Right before Coach Ivan and I moved down to the lovely island of Curaçao, we trained at a local health club with a handful of other guys and girls. We were confined to a single squat rack, and only ONE barbell in the gym spun. (Try doing a clean with an old bar that doesn’t spin. It leaves some sexy reminders on your collarbone afterwards. “Barbell hickeys”, anyone?) Needless to say, we were the nitty-gritty few amongst all the average gym-goers. Some people gave us crazy looks, some admired us, but ALL of them knew one thing, and that was the fact that we got sh*t done.


Over time, all of us experienced some aches and pains, muscle soreness, the commonalities that stem from a high intensity training regime such as CrossFit. And also over time, the complaints started to come. “My knees hurt. Didn’t we squat the other day?” “My lower back is on fire. Why are we pulling from the floor?” “My hands are shot from all those pull-ups. Can I use straps on my deadlifts?” Obviously, we all eventually adapted to the training stimulus and complained less, but we needed a way to try and stop it altogether.


Enter “SBBDB”. The letters “SBBDB” stand, quite appropriately, for “Stop-Being-A-B*tch-And-Do-Better”. (A little on the Not Safe For Work side, but yeah.) Credits to Sadrack Belony, Anthony Kobel, Chris Fu, and Coach Ivan for that one, but essentially the statement is a quick way for our little gang to tell each other to man up and trust the program. (We followed a couple programs, ranging from Westside Conjugate, to Outlaw and Invictus.)


Lately, I’ve witnessed an epidemic in the box, and it isn’t related to mosquitoes. Many times (And no names will be mentioned, but if the shoe fits…), one of the first things we hear when we start class is, “We better not run!” or “This again? We just did _____ yesterday!” Furthermore, I have been noticing people skimping out on warmups, cutting reps prescribed by the coaches, not working full range-of-motion, and just plain half-assing everything. The excuses are endless. “Monday blues”, “It’s Still Early In The Week Tuesday blues”, “Hump-day Wednesday”, “I Wish It Was Friday Thursday”, and possibly the worst, “It’s Friday! Friday”. Basically what I conclude from this, is that we can find an excuse for any day of the week. Even further, I hear a lot of athletes saying they want to “save energy for the WOD” as a reason why they aren’t doing the same warmup as everyone else. To all of that, I say, “SBBDB”.


Every movement, every breath, every bead of sweat dripped, every chalk-cloud clapped from the moment you walk in the box to when you leave is for a reason. If Coach calls for 30 squats in a warmup, 30 squats should be CORRECTLY completed. If we back squat today after back squatting yesterday, trust the program. What do you think is going to happen if you squat with sore quads and hamstrings? (Hint: You’re going to get better. So like Nike says. Just do it.) Of course, if your body really isn’t feeling the workout of the day, listen to it and sit it out, or scale the WOD appropriately.


Ultimately, from the beginning when we told you that your coaches aren’t trying to kill you (even if it might seem that way sometimes), we meant it. Trust that we want the best for our members/athletes. Your only job is to show up, listen to your coaches, and reap the benefits. Next time you feel like complaining or making an excuse (or catch a buddy doing so), think “SBBDB”.


Happy WOD’ing, 5 Triple 9 family. #NoSmoesjes #SBBDB


-Coach Jan

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    Motherf*cka never loved us!……REMEMBA!!!

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    Thanks brotha, but you planted the seed that developed in us.

    • Barefoot Squatter

      Oh wait… I may have just given Anthony a ‘that’s what she said’ opening there