September 2014 Athletes

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In September we shine the spotlight on two athletes who were quite unassuming and timid in their first couple months as members, and have completely broke through their proverbial cocoons into CrossFit butterflies. (Did I REALLY just use that analogy? Just go with it…)



If I could describe Cesar in one word, it would be “humble”. From his first solo introductory class with me, almost passing out, to completing 50-plus burpees before class just because, Cesar is certainly coming along smoothly. To top it all off, Cesar recently squatted a whopping 405 pounds! Learn about “Burpee” below!


Full Name/ Any Nicknames: Cesar Alexander Rodriguez / Ciw / Burpee (From a fellow athlete)
Willemstad, Curacao
October 27th, 1982
Automated Services Business Support @ MCB
Hobbies/ Interests:
CROSSFIT, Softball and Basketball
Favorite WOD/ Exercise:
Back squat and Thrusters (loving the Burpees too).
Least Favorite WOD/ Exercise:
Any type of running.
Sports Outside CrossFit:


CF5999: What has happened to your health, fitness, and life since starting CrossFit? 

Cesar: What happened to me? Uhmm… Everything.. Since starting CrossFit my life changed a lot.  I just feel better, full of energy and with a lot of confidence. CrossFit made me fitter and stronger than I ever knew I could be.

Were any changes unexpected?
Cesar: I never expected to meet so many awesome/crazy people at the 5999 box. All of those people are now a part of my life and many of them are becoming great friends. We all have the same type of goals, we all want to succeed and we all motivate each other every day so we can reach our goals together. Before starting CrossFit I was a VERY lazy guy, but now I am very energetic and always willing/trying to go the extra miles (that’s the big change in myself I did not expect).


Favorite CrossFit 5 Triple 9 moment.
Cesar: There are SO MANY favorite moments…. But one of the best 5999 moments; BEAAACCCHHHH WODDDDDDDDD!!!


Any advice for new CrossFitters?
Cesar: At first you will feel like DYING but after completing the WOD you will feel REBORN again. Don’t be impatient, give yourself the time your body needs to succeed. Just remember, Rome was NOT built in one day..!!!

“The real secret of success is Enthusiasm”



Lauren has been a member since day one, and she is one of the most consistent members we have. In choosing this month’s athlete spotlight, the coaching staff raised the question, “Who is one athlete that is really low-key, but has made huge improvements?” It was unanimous, Lauren had to be it. Now you can spot her in her new Nano 4.0′s, doing her pre- and post-WOD yoga poses. Learn about her below!



Full Name/ Any Nicknames Lauren Cassidy Batey (‘Lou’ to my longtime friends) / Batey (From Coach Jan)
Hometown:  Clarksville, Tennessee
Birthday:  September 9th 1983
Occupation:  Affiliate Marketing Manager, but soon to be soul searching world explorer. Or possibly just a girl lost on a wagon with a goat on her lap somewhere outside of Bangladesh.  We shall see.
Hobbies/ Interests:  Travel and all of its possible adventures. Cooking, eating, and learning more about the effects of nutrition & diet on day to day life. Road tripping and camping. Reading, usually at a pace that far outweighs my Kindle budget, and writing although I don’t do it often enough.
Favorite WOD/ Exercise:  Kettle Bell Swings, Thrusters, Grasshoppers, and longer WODs with a variety of exercises.
Least Favorite WOD/ Exercise:  If something you can’t actually even do can count as a least favorite, then Double Unders and Handstand Pushups. Otherwise anything that is both heavy and overhead like snatches or overhead squats.
Sports Outside CrossFit: Yoga, Jogging, Swimming, Hiking, and a newly acquired love of Wakeboarding.



CF5999:  What has happened to your health, fitness, and life since starting CrossFit?

Lauren: I began in March after a 2 year hiatus from exercise or treating my body well in general, so I saw some pretty quick changes in my weight, strength, and stamina from the workouts alone.  I also gained a new hobby in my desire to learn more about how my diet affected my performance. Researching Paleo style eating and being able to see and feel the results of CrossFitting combined with putting (mostly) good things into my body was life changing.  Although reading food labels for added sugar has become second nature, and rolling my eyes while putting things back on the shelf is a bit of a pain in the ass sometimes : ) Mentally it calms the storm inside my head, if only for an hour a day.  You can’t think about work, bills, or dirty laundry while doing burpees.  It’s scientifically impossible.



CF5999: Were any changes unexpected?

Lauren: I had read about CrossFit and understood its basic concept of overall fitness, so I expected to be challenged and perhaps get into slightly better shape, lose a few pounds, etc. I never expected to fall in love. Like falling in love in any other situation, CrossFit stole my heart and became instantly not just a part of my day, but a priority. It increased my self esteem, changed my goals, and shifted my approach to a challenge we all face: living a life in which I am satisfied, happy, and proud.



CF5999: Favorite CrossFit 5 Triple 9 moment.
Most of my favorite moments have happened outside of the actual WODs. I’ve loved the moment in a warm up when I realized that my legs were going to fatigue before I managed to trip and tangle myself in the jump rope or the one when I accidentally discovered that I could actually do toes to bar. I love lacing up my shoes on the turf in preparation, the palpable energy in the room when the 10 second counter begins, and the moment when you accidentally lock eyes with someone mid workout and know that they sincerely feel your pain.



CF5999: Any advice for new CrossFitters? 
Everyone says this, but it’s trite for a reason. Don’t get discouraged or give up. Even if you came to your first class and were already the strongest, fastest, most fit person in the room (which was definitely not the case for most of us) CrossFit is about challenging yourself and testing your own limits. Discovering that those limits are much higher than you ever thought possible while you were slogging through your first half Cindy, well, that’s the good stuff. It’s the golden magic that keeps us coming back to the box day after day.



“The place to improve the world is first in one’s own heart and head and hands”

– Robert M. Pirsig